Automated Builds for your projects on Github


If you are looking for an easy way to apply continuous integration to your projects on Github, Travis CI might be for you. Travis is a service offering continuous integration to your repositories on Github. If you are in the area of software development professionally, I am sure you are doing CI of some flavor: Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, or any other CI tool that fits your needs. And if by any chance you are not (and you probably should!) Travis might be worth having a look at. Or if you are looking for an alternative, some way to reduce load on your existing server infrastructure, something for the projects you are working on in your free time or just out of curiosity. Here is a quick look on Travis.


In this post we will be setting up automated builds for a Github project. Every time commits get pushed onto the repository, we want Travis to automatically trigger an automated build for us so that we know the code still compiles in an environment other than the machine the code were developed on. For this I will again take one of my Android projects as an example.

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