Continuous integration using Bitrise

Let’s have a look at Continuous integration is an integral part of your software development lifecycle. And there is a lot of great tools out there that one might use. Bitrise is an interesting one for your mobile only project. It’s fairly easy to use and offers lots of functionality. Let’s have a look.

You can start using Bitrise for free. Although the free tier limits you to 200 builds per month, 10mins build time and 1 concurrent build. Enough to explore it’s capabilities and maybe even for small playground projects.

Free tier on Bitrise

To get started you Create an App in Bitrise. You’ll select a Git repository to connect to, either by connecting your Github, BitBucket or GitLab account and selecting from one of your repos there, or by manually adding a Git repo from some other place. Once connected Bitrise will detect the kind of project in the repo – for me it automatically detected Android Kotlin, iOS Swift and Flutter Dart projects – and trigger your first build with a default workflow configuration for you.

Creating new apps on Bitrise

A Workflow is a build job that consists of multiple build steps. There is a lot of build steps you can choose from. E.g. for running tests, trigger fastlane lanes, deploying artifacts, integration to 3rd party services such as codecov and slack. And you can fall back to plain old shell script steps.

Editing workflows on Bitrise

After configuring your workflow, you might want to set up Triggers which let’s you easily define when which of your workflows should be triggered. Triggers can be either a push a branch, a pull request or a tag. And you can configure those using wildcards which makes it very flexible. You can for instance have all the tests run for any change on a pull request and set up automatic deployment workflows for pushes on release branches or the master branch.

Editing triggers on Bitrise

Bitrise worked great for me so far. For my small open source side projects on the free tier as well as for an enterprise tier project with large teams working on it. With the possiblity to add additional concurrent builds Bitrise scales fairly well. You might want to check it out and see for yourself.

For a sample demo app, feel free to check out: FlickrImageSearchDemo – you’ll also find a few other open source projects on there that I made public.

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