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SliderPuzzle is a mobile app that let’s you play the well known sliding tile puzzle on your Android phone or tablet with your favorite photos and images. Play your local images or random ones from the internet. Unscramble puzzles by yourself or share them with others. Have tile numbers displayed to make things easier.

And of course: it is free. I dare you to try it! Look for SliderPuzzle on the Google Play Store right now.



– Free
– Play photos or images from your local device
– Play random images from the internet (Flickr, Instagram, etc.)
– Take photos with your camera and play them
– Different sizes (3 x 3, 4 x 4, … up to 10 x 10)
– Send sliderpuzzles to your friends along with messages
— teaser message displayed before they begin puzzling (max. 140 characters, optional)
— and a message they can only see after they managed to finish the slider puzzle (max, 5000 characters, optional)
– Have your friends take pictures and send you some puzzles


Supports Google Play Games Services

– compete against others on public leaderboards
– unlock achievements
– invite your friends













  1. What permissions does the app require?
    – Access Internet (to download trending images for you to play)
    – Read/Write external storage (to load and store images and puzzles)
  2. Does the app run on my device?
    Yes, if it runs on Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwhich’ (Version 4.0.3) or higher.
  3. Will older devices (with Android versions prior to Ice Cream Sandwhich) be supported?
    No. The market share for these devices are pretty slim and dropping rapidly. See: Android Developers Dashboard