IM timetracking


IM timetracking (“I’m timetracking”) is a simple time tracking app initially developed for our personal use. There are plenty of other apps of this sort available, but we wanted to one that is easy to use, fast, with a clean UI and no unnescessary clutter. No registration, no login, no sync, just plain time tracking. Since there was none out there we were completely happy with using, we created our own. Very simple, very basic. Hope you guys out there will like it.

Install the app from: Play Store

And best of all, we decided to make the it open source and put it on Github under Apache 2.0 License, so you guys can go nuts on it.

Find the source on: Github



– Free
– Open Source (
– Simple
– Easy to use
– Clean user interface
– PDF export


App Permissions

– access external storage (for archiving pdf exports)



  1. Does the app run on my device?
    Yes, if it runs on Android ‘Lollipop’ (Version 5.0) or higher.
  2. How can I build the app from source?
    You can either import the sources into Android Studio and build it from there. Or you can build from command line using the gradle wrapper, like so:

    # build
    ./gradlew assembleRelease
    # install
    adb install -r app/build/outputs/apk/app-release.apk
    # start 
    adb shell am start -n

    Keep in mind that the build script (build.gradle) is designed such that the path to the release keystore and credentials are expected in your gradle properties. Either project specific or user wide. E.g. your user wide gradle properties could look like this:

    # print user gradle properties
    cat ~/.gradle/
    # possible output




im-timetracking-pdf-archiveim-timetracking-tracking im-timetracking-trackings-list