We at Inglorious Mind are very passionate about creating Android apps. Down below find a list of apps we’re developing that are either already available on the Play store or under development and available soon.

If you have an idea for an app, be sure to tell us about it. If your idea is good, we might consider to program it. And not just for you, but release it under an open source license, put it on github and publish it on the Play store, so it will be beneficial for everyone.





Fremdwort des Tages

Fremdwort des Tages
The german “Fremdwort des Tages” (Daily Loanword) mobile app presents interesting loanwords on a daily basis with description, examples, links for further reading and images where applicable. Expanding your vocabulary made easy. Find out more about it here.





SliderPuzzle is a mobile app that let’s you play the well known sliding tile puzzle on your Android phone or tablet with your favorite photos and images. You can even send puzzles to your friends and have them unscramble it. Find out more about it here.




IM timetracking

IM timetracking


IM timetracking lets you track your time. No more, no less. Check out all about it here.







In development. Detailed information to come soon.







In development. Detailed information to come soon.





-more to come-